Is CBD an Effective Remedy For Curing Foot Pain?

Is CBD an Effective Remedy For Curing Foot Pain?

Is CBD an Effective Remedy For Curing Foot Pain?

Foot pain is very common among many. Severe injury on foot may cause the pain. However, pain may occur even if you have not suffered any serious injury. Some of the common reasons for foot pain are fracture, athlete’s foot, hammertoes, swelling, overweight, sprain, damaged nerve or sore foot and ulcers.

CBD has become very famous lately due to its phenomenal medicinal features. It has the power to cure many health related issues without causing any serious side effects. The level of THC in CBD is 0.3% only and is non-psychoactive in nature. Therefore, CBD consumption does not make you feel high. Hemp-derived CBD is legalised in US states. From beauty products to medicines, CBD can be seen everywhere.

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We are very well aware that CBD has healing features. Therefore, medical industry makes different innovations with CBD for human health benefits. Let us see the role of CBD in healing foot pain specifically.

CBD for foot pain relief

  • Experts say that, for treating foot pain, CBD topicals are more effective when compared to consuming CBD orally.
  • The reason being, CBD topicals like cream, ointment and lotions applied on the affected area, works on that specific area only.
  • Common foot injuries such as sprains and strains cause harsh pain. Applying CBD cream on the affected area provides extreme relief. It also helps in reducing redness and swelling.
  • Arthritis is an inflammation in joints especially in the feet. CBD creams have shown positive results in decreasing the pain to an extent caused by arthritis when applied regularly.
  • Toenails can start growing internally and may cause severe pain and swelling. Though CBD creams do not reduce the growth of the toenail, it can still work successfully in providing relief from the pain by reducing the inflammation.
  • The pressure of high heels or walking long distance may result in sore and painful foot. CBD creams due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial quality, helps to reduce the pain and prevent any kind of infections.
  • According to the study, CBD topicals like creams and ointments has given better outcome for treating neuropathy. Neuropathy means pain in the nerves (commonly found in foot). It is usually common among the people suffering from diabetes.

There are various reasons that causes foot pain. CBD do not help in curing some foot issues such as fracture, bone spurs and bunions. However, it can intensely reduce the pain and swelling thereby providing much relief.

If you are willing to purchase CBD cream and ointments or any CBD other CBD product, make sure to verify the ingredients used to manufacture the product. Check the THC level and details about certification of the product. Though CBD do not cause any serious side effects, it is better first consult your doctor.