Make Your Guests Feel Welcomed With A Well-Crafted Hotel Lobby Design

Make Your Guests Feel Welcomed With A Well-Crafted Hotel Lobby Design

Make Your Guests Feel Welcomed With A Well-Crafted Hotel Lobby Design

A hotel owner knows the importance of creating the right design of the lobby, it is the first point of contact with their guests. By creating a lobby space that truly reflects your property, you create the right first impression. It is therefore imperative that you proceed with lobby designing with the right planning and execution.

Even the subtle errors in the lobby design can be critical and can affect your brand image in the long run, recovering from which will take time and effort. Starting in the right direction and planning to optimize space for a better guest experience can straight away put you in their good books.

From picking up the right mat to cover the outdoors to installing concept-based lighting, everything can create a difference in how welcome your guests would feel when they first step into your property.

Choose outdoor mats that allow good scraping action to keep away all the sources of dust from entering your hotel lobby. You can also purchase customized premium carpet logo mats to make your guests feel more welcomed. At Ultimate Mats, you can find entrance mats in all colors, sizes, and designs with features such as anti-slip, moisture-control, anti-bacterial, and much more to enhance the quality and functionality of the mats that you install right outside the hotel lobby.

Tips to transform the design of the hotel lobby

Creating the right first impression is important to ensure that your guests keep returning. The following tips will help you achieve that:

Improve your approachability with the right lighting:

  • Lighting sets up the right ambiance and mood.
  • Let natural light creep in from more areas to take a friendlier approach in welcoming your guests.
  • You can also create separate areas for relaxation in the lobby by creating a dim light atmosphere.

Use sensual effects to your advantage:

  • Use different aromas and perfumes to hit the right senses and positivity affect the mood of your guests.
  • You can also use relaxing music to achieve the same.

Work on creating a design that allows room for smooth operations:

  • Install comfortable furniture where guests can relax while you complete their check-in process.
  • Ensure that there is someone at the gate to greet and direct the guests. If not, create signage in multiple languages for a smoother flow.

Work up the lobby space in a way to allow room for different activities:

  • The hotel lobby should be an interactive space.
  • The addition of activities that keeps the guests occupied adds the element of fun.
  • Even better, create a small kids zone and all the parents entering your hotel would be truly thankful.

Match the lobby design with your ethos:

  • When your ethos matches your design, it creates room for your hospitality as a hotel owner to shine through.
  • Plan the lobby design by keeping your working philosophy in mind.

Create your unique lobby design to enhance the comfort of your guests, keep them engaged, give a room where they can freely interact with others, and improve the maneuverability of the space for smooth and faster operations.