Top Tips To Drive Maximum Results From Display Network Ad Campaigns

Top Tips To Drive Maximum Results From Display Network Ad Campaigns

Top Tips To Drive Maximum Results From Display Network Ad Campaigns

Most of the display ads carry a bad reputation with them for 2 main reasons. One, advertisers believe that they have to put in a lot of extra effort than a traditional ad campaign. Second, even after putting in the hard work, these ads don’t deliver.

However, this is a half-truth and when done correctly, display ads can reach a much broader audience and create a better impact with the use of graphics. These ads are also very flexible and give you control over the visibility of the ad on various display networks.

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Ways to drive results from display ad campaigns

With dozens of ad variations that can be done in a display ad, there is always a chance the ad might either fail miserably or create the results that you expected. With the following tips, you can increase your chances of success with the display ads:

  1. Use display ads for remarketing campaigns:
  • If you are new to display networks, starting with remarketing ads gives you a safety net.
  • This is because the past visitors of your website are already interested in your products and services and only need gentle reminders to pick up from where they left.
  1. Use video marketing for promoting your business:
  • Video ads allow you to use the second-largest marketing platform, YouTube.
  • Videos tend to capture the attention of their audience more effectively and are a great way to get you some competitive advantage.
  • The only challenge with video ads is that the budget required is slightly higher than text and graphic ads.
  1. Try to keep your costs down initially:
  • When you are sunning 2 ad campaigns, one for search and one for display, try and keep the cost-per-click for display ads low, to begin with.
  • After testing the ad for performance, you can customize the ads according to the sites where you are getting good results and demographics working in your favor.
  • Only after customization, you should slowly increase your display ad budget.
  1. Use different formats to create various ad groups:
  • Doing this is important and will not waste your time if you are serious about using the Display Network.
  • This is because some websites support one format while the same format will appear disrupted on other websites.
  • Therefore, creating ads in different available formats will ensure that the ad reaches your audience appropriately.
  • Create different ad groups for text and graphic ads separately.
  1. Make them visually attractive yet simple:
  • Including appealing graphics in your ads is a necessity if you are using this platform because graphic ads resonate more with the audience.
  • Simple statistics show that graphic ads have a better click-through rate than text ads.
  • So, if you are looking to generate more leads adding industry-related graphics or even using visual formats next to the text in the ad will do the work for you.

With display ads, you should never:

  • Using display select feature to allow Google to decide where your budget should be directed is never a good idea and almost always results in failures.
  • Running paid search ads on 2 networks simultaneously (Display network and search network) will eat up your budget without providing any results.
  • Over layering the ads with different targeting methods such as keywords, interests, placements, etc reduces the reach of the ad. It is better to test each of these methods in separate campaigns and analyze which one works in your favor.
  • Wasting budget in ad displays across mobile apps particularly used by toddlers and kids as you will get only worthless clicks.

There is a huge potential when we use the Display networks appropriately to fulfill our advertising goals. The key is to spend time researching and analyzing different ad campaigns and not make it a one-time trial campaign. Use the format correctly and you will notice that you are spending way less on budget and still getting more conversions with display ads.