Factors That Determine For How Long CBD Can Stay in the System

Factors That Determine For How Long CBD Can Stay in the System

Factors That Determine For How Long CBD Can Stay in the System

CBD has grown a lot in popularity in a couple of years. People initially started with CBD capsules because of their nasty flavor. However, the FDA didn’t approve its illegal use because of another compound present in the Sativa plant, THC. Cannabis belongs to the marijuana group and THC has the property that of marijuana. Therefore, people might think that THC can be detected during a drug test.

This can be worrisome especially when you’re searching for a job or giving a drug screening test. FDA has approved only those CBD products that contain 0.3% or less THC. This is a minimum amount that cannot be detected in any blood test. However, finding reliable and authentic CBD retailers is also a task.

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CBD is a natural substance, but THC being a natural compound still has a psychoactive effect. Therefore, it is difficult to say after consuming CBD products that contain THC, for how long the effect will remain in the system. Ideally, CBD stays in the system for 2 to 5 days but that depends on various factors.

How long does CBD stay in the System?

The longevity and the effect of CBD depends on various factors –

  • It depends on the dosage that you consume. If you take a higher dosage, the CBD will stay for long.
  • The frequency of usage also determines for how long CBD will stay in your system. If you use regularly, then CBD builds in your body with time which can be easily detected.
  • Every human body is different and their way of reacting to certain chemicals and medicine is also different. Your BMI, water content and metabolism also playas an important role in keeping the CBD in your system for a long.
  • If you take CBD empty stomach, it gets metabolized faster and drains out faster, if you take it on the full stomach, it slows the digestion process and remains in the system for a long.

Different Methods of Use

The method of intake also plays an important factor in keeping CBD for long in the system –

  • Oils and tinctures are sublingual drops that are placed under the tongue ad are absorbed by the bloodstream faster which shows the immediate effect and stays longer in the blood.
  • Pills and capsules and edibles flow into the digestive tract where the gelatin coat is diluted and the CBD compound is broken down by the digestive tract before passing into the bloodstream. This process breaks down the CBD and some part of it flows in the blood which can take time is showing results.
  • Vaping is considered a quick process because the smoke enters the lungs immediately and shows results instantly. However, it also eaves the body quickly.
  • Creams and topicals are applied on the skin which also penetrates slowly, therefore it leaves the body slowly.

Different bodies respond differently to CBD. Therefore, it is hard to say how long CBD stays in the system.