Guide while buying swimwear

Guide while buying swimwear

Guide while buying swimwear

Design elements

There are a few design considerations that must be taken into account when you are looking for the right range to fit plus-sized Swimwear for curvy women.

Each style is different and will require different design features. However, some common themes can be found in most plus-size swimwear.

Style, coverage, and support – No matter if you are designing a swimwear collection for a plus-size woman, these three elements are essential.

The most support will be provided by the swimsuit’s straps. A thin strap may be all that is needed for some designs. Bustier women, for the most part, need support from the straps to keep their silhouettes straight and to prevent any bulges.

A swimsuit should sell and not look cute on a mannequin. Pay attention to the design of your back, just like with the straps.

A cheeky cut is trendy right now. But think about if your target market prefers more coverage. If so, design a back cut accordingly.

Give your body a slimmer frame by using stylistic features – Women’s bodies deserve to be celebrated. It doesn’t hurt if you play with illusions of design to make your customer smaller. The cut should show off the long legs of the wearer.

Forget about embellishments – Although it is tempting to add frills, buckles, and all that stuff, you should forgo them. The bulkier the swimsuit, it is less attractive. A classic silhouette can go a long distance.

A common problem for plus-size women is the lack of quality fabric in swimwear. This is not a realistic goal, but an aesthetic one.

Our full guide will provide you with some helpful tips on how to design swimwear that can easily be made.

Technical construction

Now it’s time for the technical part.

You need to be realistic about your plus-size swimwear and understand the technical aspects involved in making a supportive garment.

One panel or many panels? Traditional sizing sets are usually made with one panel that covers the entire front and one back.

If you are designing plus-size swimwear, consider the paneling from a different perspective. You can test it out with a few panels. Multiple panels can be used to achieve seamless fit, coverage, and support. It also reduces wastage.

Get double the support – Let’s get real.

Plus size swimwear can only be achieved by doubling the lining around your chest. It is essential to provide adequate support for the bust.

You can double up on the lining or even add an inner bra. An underwire can be added to support your bust silhouettes.

For those women who have breasts that fall in the rest of the alphabet, a bra can be helpful. You can make this bra with clasps at your back.

We are sure that women will love it. Baby, it’s a win-win situation.

Silicon, Use it! Silicon can be used to make any close-to-skin garment. Have a strapless bra? To keep your bra in place, add a silicon line to the edges. The swimwear can also be held in place by adding silicon-lined support.

Silicon gripping is a great way to ensure that coverage is maintained without any spillage. As you go through your CADs, think about how you can use this to add it to your final garment.

Silicon can be used for gripping, but also in the printing of designs.

You must use stabilizers Don’t skimp.

To hold the garment in place, you can add stabilizers to it. It stops the fabric from stretching, so the garment stays in the same shape it was intended.

The most common place to insert stabilizers is at the back of your inner bra (also known as the wings) or the front of the bar (“the cradle”) so you can optimize the fit for the wearer.

Stabilizers like nylon mesh are your best friend if you want to avoid fabric flexibility and ensure the piece is stable.

Linen fabric used most frequently as stabilizers can be measured in deniers. This is the weave density of the lining that you would like to use.

You have the option to choose from a variety of stabilizers or stick with one type depending on your style and preference.

Manufacturers: Choose wisely when you are looking for plus-size swimwear manufacturers, it is a no-brainer to choose a manufacturer who has worked with plus-size garment manufacturing.

You will be unable to stand the thought of a manufacturer who doesn’t have experience in plus-size production. Plus-size swimwear manufacturers who have experience in producing swimwear for plus sizes can help you bring your swimwear to life and meet the technical requirements.