How To Get Your Music on Apple Music, Spotify & All Major Streaming Platforms (2022)

How To Get Your Music on Apple Music, Spotify & All Major Streaming Platforms (2022)

How To Get Your Music on Apple Music, Spotify & All Major Streaming Platforms (2022)

In the world of music production, technology offers an almost infinite number of choices. You don’t have to wait 4 hours for a music producer who may or may not want to promote your hard-earned CD anymore. You now have the ability to effortlessly make and sell your music online thanks to technological advancement.

So, you have produced a fantastic tune, it has been mixed and mastered, you have created some artwork, and you would like to sell songs on iTunes or distribute it to all of the main digital service providers, including Apple Music, Spotify, and all major streaming platforms.

MusicDigi makes it simple to download music from Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon, and more than 150 other major music stores and streaming services worldwide.

If you are really interested to get your music on Spotify or Apple Music then the following strategy can be useful for you.

  1. Find a distributor

Find an appropriate music distributor for the first release. Distribution agreements may vary. You may have to pay a certain fee for uploading and keep 100% of the royalties, or you may have to share it with someone.

  1. Find your audience

You must have a solid strategy in place to get your audience to sell your music on Amazons. You must have contact with an editor, or maybe know someone who knows any editor who may help you to find an audience.

  1. Post your video single 

You can upload the album first, followed by the music video, and finally the lyric video to YouTube. This platform’s content is the easiest to share. You can expect your admirers or others to spread the word about it.

  1. Maintain active social media accounts

A well-maintained active social media account is required when releasing music online. As user demographics on social networking sites vary, it is best to keep as many as feasible.

  1. Use iTunes to promote your song

You can post your music to the iTunes instant-gratification track when you want people to get a sample of it. Customers will be able to download one song that you release. Also, try to get your music on TikTok.

  1. Upload on sound cloud

Sound cloud is an online music community where users can upload, like, and share songs and albums that have been shared by other users. The benefit of posting on Sound cloud is that it allows you to be more focused and relevant.

  1. Create a blog and website

Another way could be to create your own website and publish your blogs to promote your album.

As a self-publishing composer, the most difficult obstacle you will have is to keep track of all the duties you will need to complete.

At any given time, you may be working on a composition with a tight deadline while also dealing with financial matters, copying and binding a score on demand, registering a new work with PRS, and preparing and mailing a newsletter about an upcoming premiere.

Setting aside time for composing and refining your time management skills, on the other hand, will ensure that your job as a self-publishing composer is effective and fulfilling.