What Features Of IQOS Make Them A Safer Option Than Cigarettes?

What Features Of IQOS Make Them A Safer Option Than Cigarettes?

What Features Of IQOS Make Them A Safer Option Than Cigarettes?

There have been several legal disputes between the industry and regulatory authorities on product safety. Some countries tried to stop the manufacture and sale of tobacco products, due to their health risks. Cigarette smoking has the greatest impact on each of those conditions. The tobacco business has seen many changes made to its products over years to ensure that they comply with regulatory requirements. The majority of their efforts have not met the expectations they set. However, their luck may have changed recently. Their most recent product the IQOS has proved to be more successful that the products it replaces. This new product, which mixes traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes (IQOS), is better for both your health and the environment. The heat-to burn method allows for the production and release of nicotine aerosols.

A lot of people who used cigarettes have switched to using IQOS for its unique properties. IQOS can now be purchased online and in traditional retail shops. Is it better than smoking cigarettes? The following will help us to resolve this issue.

Absence Of Smoke Emitted

The harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke include aldehydes, carcinogens, and carbon monoxide. This increases the risk of further health issues. IQOS produces nicotine aerosol using heat rather than fire. The IQOS does not emit smoke making it a healthier alternative to smoking. You don’t need to worry if you have to deal with ash or the stench of cigarettes when using HEETS. You can buy them online from heated.pro.

Observable Consequences

Many smokers of cigarettes expressed dissatisfaction with the way the smoke affects their lips and fingers. There is a risk that smoking cigarettes could cause damage to your lips. As the number of cigarettes that you smoke increases, this risk increases. To make your lips look more attractive, you may resort to lip balm.

You may be able to get your fingertips hurt by smoking cigarettes. Buerger’s Disease, which is a form of vasculitis that causes inflammation and damages the tissues of the fingers, has been reported in some cases. IQOS doesn’t make you more likely to develop these health issues.

The Nicotine Concentration

IQOS contains very little nicotine. A user might consume 0.36 million of nicotine in a single session. That’s equivalent to about 14 puffs. Contrary to this, cigarettes contain significantly more nicotine. A single cigarette containing nicotine typically contains 10 to 12 milligrams.

After you have smoked one cigarette stick you will have consumed 2 mg of nicotine. The remaining milligrams will have been expelled back into the air. Due to the low nicotine concentration, IQOS products might be less harmful to your health than smoking cigarettes.


Despite not being 100% safe, these goods can be beneficial. There is ample evidence and study to prove it. The risks to your health are significantly reduced even though you still smoke. This is a growing trend that appeals to people who are interested in using this smokeless technology.